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Just Released: Moving Forward - The future of the UK-US economic relationship

Just released... BABC and BAB paper on the future of the UK-US Economic relationship. Learn about the 10 areas that are recommended starting points for collaboration as a new chapter in the US-UK economic relationship is opened; a relationship that is important for the prosperity for our economies, companies and citizens. 

British Embassy UK-US Trade & Investment Reports

UK-US Trade & Investment Highlights are reports demonstrating the depth of the current commercial relationship between the UK and the US in each of the 50 states.

British and American Business Leaders welcome moves to strengthen US-UK ties

Chairman of BritishAmerican Business, Christopher Perry, welcomed the official visit of UK Prime Minister Theresa May to the White House to meet with US President Donald Trump on January 26. Friday’s visit, the first by a foreign leader since the inauguration of President Trump, is expected to focus on strengthening ties between the US and UK for trade, investment and security.

BAB CEO Discusses UK-US Free Trade Deal on BBC World Business Report

On 30th January, BAB CEO Jeffries Briginshaw spoke to the BBC World Service Radio's 'World Business Report' to discuss which sectors stand to gain the most from a potential US-UK trade deal. Tune in at minute 5:55 to listen to the segment here.

8 things for Trump and May to discuss that can strengthen our economies and make us more secure

Ahead of the first meeting of the UK Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump, BABC CEO Jeffries Briginshaw offered 8 key priorities the leaders ought to discuss.