The BABC Transatlantic Conference Takes Place This May 10-11 in Chicago

February 27, 2017 @ 5:57 PM

Press Release

The theme of this year's conference is Navigating the New World

(Chicago) Each year the BABC Transatlantic Conference works on promoting a robust dialogue between the United States and the United Kingdom, drawing upon the thought leadership of senior executives from over 2,000 member companies. Following on from successful conferences in New York and London, this year’s Transatlantic Conference will take place in Chicago May 10-11.

In light of the changing economic landscape, the timing of this year’s Transatlantic Conference has never been more significant. The 2017 theme, “Navigating the New World,” will focus on evolving opportunities in the US, Canada and Europe, and the changing realities of economies, trade borders and governance. Attendees will benefit from meaningful engagement and relevant networking with senior business, government, and academic participants from across many industries and regions.

The Conference schedule includes:

  • An opening cocktail reception at the Shedd Aquarium
  • The conference program at the Cathedral Room of the University Club
  • A gala dinner at the Terzo Piano Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • The 14th Annual British Consul General Awards
  • After-dinner speaker PJ O’Rourke 
  • Eight months of pre-and post conference Thought Leadership Platforms

In conjunction with the conference, on January 9th the BABC Chicago launched an eight-month Thought Leadership Platform Pre-and Post-Conference. This Platform posts regular, substantive thought leadership items from BABC members and will do so for the four months preceding the Conference. In the four months after the conference, the platform will reflect on the conference information, and provide practical applications of the content to business. 

Speaking ahead of the conference, President of the BABC Chicago chapter, Tom Stevens said, “The 2017 Transatlantic Conference is a practical recognition of broad volatility across, markets, economies, governance and borders. In parallel, it is a much-needed investigation and celebration of the thought leadership across the breadth of the BABC family, throughout the US, Canada and UK. Our incredible strength is founded upon a diversity of industry, capitalization and geography – and there is much leadership and brilliance to harvest as we all must – today – define opportunities, make weighty business decisions, commit capital, mitigate risk, and be responsible corporate actors. Look across our panels, some 8 groups of heavyweight CEOs and senior executives, and you will quickly see the genetics of the Conference – absolutely not parochial, but certainly "Chicago Practical."

CEO of the British American Business Council, Jeffries Briginshaw said, "This yearly conference brings together our UK-US business network to offer thought-leadership and substantive networking. Now, more than ever, business leaders are seeking connections with each other and engagement with local governments on both side of the Atlantic, in order to better navigate an uncertain global future."

Laurence Geller, Chairman, 2017 Transatlantic Conference said, “It is this backdrop of uncertainty and change that makes BABC’s Annual Transatlantic Conference so exceedingly important. With Thought Leadership as its underlying theme, the discussions will not only inform, identify the power and relevance of strategic partnerships and, without a doubt, provide an important voice in the policy debates proliferating on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Her Majesty's Consul General Stephen Bridges said, "The theme 'Navigating the New World' could not be more relevant for 2017's BABC Annual Transatlantic Business Conference, and I couldn't be more delighted that Chicago has been chosen as the host city. The 'special relationship' between the US and the UK is poised to grow even stronger in the coming year, and the deep UK ties to Chicago make this a perfect venue for the BABC."

To learn more about the conference, to read some of the Thought Leadership from our members, or to register attendance, visit

About the British American Business Council:

The British American Business Council (BABC) is the leading transatlantic business Organisation, dedicated to helping companies build their business on both sides of the Atlantic. Its membership brings together the world’s leading multinational and middle market companies across sectors and geographies; and more than 100 of the world’s most successful CEOs support its work through their participation in its Advisory Board. It incorporates the American Chamber of Commerce (UK) and the British-American Chamber of Commerce (USA), which merged in 2000 to create a single, pre-eminent transatlantic organization that could support its members across the Atlantic. The Organisation is made up of 22 chapter organizations in Cities across The United States, Canada and the UK.

About the Transatlantic Thought Leadership Platform:

The Transatlantic Thought Leadership Platform is a blog and video program of curated authors featuring exceptional stories and thought leadership. While the touchstone rests upon commerce between the US and UK, this is a transcendent platform, seeking great moments from all corners of the globe. Senior business executives, academicians, government officials and other thought leaders contribute content. Interested in the Thought Leadership Platform? Check out our contributions to date:

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