December edition of Network Magazine available online

January 06, 2017 @ 2:41 PM

The December edition of Network Magazine is now available online. Inside you will find:

-Two Decades of Ethical Progress: Building and Sustaining Stakeholder Trust: Lockheed Martin's Senior Ethics Officer, Steve Pegg, discusses the integration of ethics and sustainability into their employee programme and looks at some of the future challenges in those areas.

-A New Role for the Private Sector in Fighting Climate Change?: BAB's Director of Policy and Trade, Emanuel Adam, looks at the challenges and potential opportunities for businesses tackling climate change.

-Potential Tax Reform Under President Trump: Kenneth Bransom, Partner, Deloitte looks at the prospects of the first significant US tax reform in three decades just weeks before President-elect Donald J. Trump is sworn into office.

December's Network also features a look at some of the recent events in both London and New York including the Women's Network Annual Conference that saw more than 300 people attend.