A Transatlantic Trade Success Story: Boeing

January 06, 2017 @ 2:02 PM

In these turbulent times it is worth looking to the transatlantic trade relationship as a source of inspiration and success. One such company that stands for this is Boeing, who celebrated their 100th anniversary last year, also marking 78 years of operations in the UK. 

Since 1938 when the British Air Ministry ordered 200 'Harvard' training aircraft from Boeing heritage company North American Aviation, the UK-Boeing partnership has gone from strength to strength. Boeing has become an industry leader in Aerospace research and development, supplying both the UK armed forces and 13 UK airlines with aircraft, from Chinook helicopters to the state-of-the-art 787 Dreamliner. As a side note, the first world leader to fly across the Atlantic - Winston Churchill - did so in a Boeing 314 Clipper.

Boeing boasts an incredibly profitable partnership with the UK worth £1.8bn in 2015, employing more than 2000 workers in the UK, and has publicly announced plans to double that figure in the coming years. BABC congratulates Boeing on their centenary and looks forward to their continued success and partnership in the future.

As part of their centenary celebrations, Boeing released a special edition of their monthly Frontiers magazine. More information on Boeing's 100 year anniversaryFurther information on Boeing in the UK.