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Welcome New BABC-PNW Members

Welcome to the newest members of our BABC-PNW family!

London Tragedy: Statement from BABC-PNW Executive Director & Chairman

As we end what has been a most shocking and tragic week for the community of London, we share our heart across the pond with our homeland and London.

Just Released: Moving Forward - The future of the UK-US economic relationship

Just released... BABC and BAB paper on the future of the UK-US Economic relationship. Learn about the 10 areas that are recommended starting points for collaboration as a new chapter in the US-UK economic relationship is opened; a relationship that is important for the prosperity for our economies, companies and citizens. 

British Embassy UK-US Trade & Investment Reports

UK-US Trade & Investment Highlights are reports demonstrating the depth of the current commercial relationship between the UK and the US in each of the 50 states.

U.K. tech envoy eases Seattle tech leaders fears about Brexit, free trade

In his recent visit to Seattle, U.K. international trade minister Greg Hands said it would be a “disaster to go back to protectionism,” and that the U.K. positioned itself as “the biggest advocate of global free trade.” (Seattle Times article)