When Britannia Ruled the NW

Wednesday, April 26th - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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There was a fascinating period in Northwest history when it was not clear whether this region would be controlled by the British, who got here first in search of furs, or the Americans, who arrived later in larger numbers. It was an era of relative good feeling, both among the competing nations and with the native groups. Now, with greater cooperation among the Northwest states and British Columbia, it is interesting to relive these colorful times. The panelists for this Folio Forum include local historians, teachers, and writers:Junius Rochester, David M. Buerge, Gar LaSalle, and Robert W. Merry, as well as moderator, David Brewster. Presented by Folio, co-hosted by BABC-PNW.

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Cost is $10 at the door / $5 for Folio members.